by Susie McIver

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Agent Emma Stone by Susie McIver
FBI Agent Emma Stone walked a long, hard road to get to where she is today. Placed in foster care after the brutal killing of her mother at the hands of her father, she’s dedicated her life to helping others and keep criminals off the streets.
When she receives a letter from her imprisoned estranged father asking her to take care of a little brother, she never knew anything about, she’s forced to not only accept his existence and reconcile her feelings about the irreparable harm her father has done to her life and her psyche, she must find her little brother before the State sends him somewhere she
One-time, FBI Agent Liam Price cares about truth, justice, and Emma, more than anything in the world. He follows Emma to a town where she’s hunting down a local drug dealer who’s an official in this small town. Can he find her before the drug dealers realize who she is?

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Agent Emma Stone by Susie McIver