Armor: An Older Alpha Biker Curvy Woman Romance (Dangerous Curves MC #3)

by Emily Lively

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Armor: An Older Alpha Biker Curvy Woman Romance by Emily Lively
She doesn’t want my protection. Too bad it’s not up to her.

I’m all business. I’ve got a club to run and bills to pay. Since my brothers quit, I’m the only thing holding this place together.

In our club, my word is law. I only have a few rules – respect the patch, your brothers, and women.

So when I see an asshole from our club harassing a woman in my bar, I’m the first one to slam my fist into his jaw. The girl I saved – the most gorgeous curvy woman I’ve ever seen.

The feel of her arms wrapped around my abs, as we ride on my bike with the wind on our faces, is too damn good.

But I should have known that assholes don’t give up easily. It’s good that I don’t have a problem teaching him a more permanent lesson.

She’s mine to protect. Mine to defend. Mine to save.

Dangerous Curves MC is a series of high-heat standalone stories about three brothers and the club they run together. Older and muscular, they take no dirt from anyone. And when they see the curvy goddess they want. They get her. Nothing will stand in their way. insta-lust. insta-love. Instantly knowing what they want and moving to get it. She better be ready. HEA guaranteed with no cliffhangers. This series can be read in order or individually.

Either way, you better pack some ice. It’s gonna be sizzling.

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Armor: An Older Alpha Biker Curvy Woman Romance by Emily Lively