The Paramour: A Romantic Victorian Ménage

by Brianna Skylark

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The Paramour: A Romantic Victorian Ménage by Brianna Skylark
Emilia is feeling naughty. Her husband Cassian is away on business, a storm has knocked out the power, and her sister Alice has given her a copy of a very rude historical romance. Snuggle into the candlelit past as Emilia reads The Paramour, an erotic Victorian ménage set amongst the dangerous streets of London, and the wet and wild highlands of Scotland.

When Lord Rosewood is brutally murdered on his own doorstep, his widow Victoria finds herself plunged headlong into a living nightmare of slander, treachery and betrayal.

So when her late husband’s sister, the Duchess of Kilburn, invites her to take refuge at their family home in Scotland for a few weeks, so she can mourn away from the perpetual and increasingly treasonous accusations surrounding her husband’s mysterious past, she gratefully accepts.

But when she arrives in Helton Bay, she finds herself unconscionably and irrepressibly attracted to the Duke, and even more shamefully, to her intoxicating, beautiful and passionate sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and as revelations of a conspiracy against the Crown come to light, Victoria finds that her own life may be in danger too.

With nowhere left to go, could there be a place for her here, amidst the dark mountains and deep valleys surrounding Gravesdown Castle? A place in The Duke and Duchess’s home… and their hearts?

Emilia certainly wants to know, and the idea of a husband and wife sharing their love with another woman is filling her with all sorts of naughty and exciting feelings that she wants to explore. She’s due some alone time… but that’s not what she really wants. She wants more, much more… she just doesn’t know it yet.

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The Paramour: A Romantic Victorian Ménage by Brianna Skylark