Ignition: A Contemporary Romantic Firefighter Drama (Firehouse 15 #1)

by Carina Alyce

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Ignition: A Contemporary Romantic Firefighter Drama by Carina Alyce

Every rookie firefighter should know that you should not flirt with, almost kiss, or yell at your boss, the super hot fire chief. Erin has done all three – in one day!

Meet Firefighter Erin Hudgens- she transferred in last year, looking for a new firehouse family. Things were going great until her captain retired, and personal problems dissolved Firehouse 15 into chaos. It’s bad enough the all-business-no-fun Fire Chief has to step in. Did she mention he’s really attractive? Spontaneous combustion hot!

Meet Fire Chief Noah Baker - he does not have time for this. As the city’s youngest fire chief, he sacrificed his personal life to rebuild for the Department. His efforts are about to pay off when he has to deal with the disaster brewing in Firehouse 15. He didn’t plan on Erin Hudgens snapping his cool, calm professional facade. She’s a complication he doesn’t need, but one he can’t stop wanting.

There’s action, danger, and drama ahead between Erin and Noah as this slow burn ignites an inferno in Book 1 of 4.

Firehouse 15 is known for its fast response times and daring risks while on duty and in their love lives. Will this year be any different?

If you loved Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Fire, or Scrubs, you'll love Carina Alyce's MetroGeneral Universe. She's an actual doctor who adds the intrigue of real-life medicine to mix the drama of Grey's Anatomy with the comedy of Scrubs and the sexy of Outlander in her MetroGeneral Downtown Universe. Follow a whole cast of physicians, surgeons, firefighters, and first responders whose lives intertwine as they fall in love, face danger, and risk their lives.

Don’t miss Book 1: Flatline from the sister series MetroGen 216.

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Ignition: A Contemporary Romantic Firefighter Drama by Carina Alyce