Breakers Fuse (Inferno's Clutch MC #2)

by E.C. Land

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Breakers Fuse by E.C. Land

When people meet me the first thing they think is this -- what a jokester. Deep down they know nothing of the fuse that's waiting to explode. It's a rarity that I end up losing my temper. I could compare myself to a gator waiting underneath the surface, ready to snatch it's prey within an instant. Much like most predators, we're professionals at taking our time, never striking too early.

There's only one thing that will cause me to lose everything -- when my family, club, or someone is hurt. If someone dare even attempts they won't enjoy the consequences I bestow upon them.

When another charter of the Devil's Riot MC asks us for our help, we don't have any problem lending them a hand. Little did I know it would be handling a woman, but she wasn't just any woman. She tests my patience quicker than anyone else ever has.

None of us knew the bag of snakes we were opening up when we took her in.

Danger is on her heels, with destruction right around the corner.

A war is brewing, but will it be worth it at the end of the day?

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Breakers Fuse by E.C. Land