Queen Takes Venom (Their Vampire Queen #12)

by Joely Sue Burkhart

4.33 · 3 ratings · Published: Aug 31st, 2020  | 

Queen Takes Venom by Joely Sue Burkhart
A dark goddess rises...

"All things dark and deadly, all creatures of death and magic, all monsters poisonous and fanged, the Mother of Venom calls them all."

After thousands of years, the goddess Hekate awakens to answer a sister goddess's call. The Great Mother has need of Hekate's unique bloodline.

So the goddess of venom agrees to create an heir. A queen powerful and deadly, the most poisonous nightshade, so beautiful that she kills with a glance.

But first, Hekate must rise and call her own Blood to her side.

This is a standalone short story in the Their Vampire Queen universe and can be read in any order with the other books in the series.

Trigger Warning: This story includes snakes, scorpions, and some spiders. But lots of snakes!

'Queen Takes Venom' is tagged as:

  • paranormal 2
  • fantasy 2
  • shapeshifters 2
  • vampires 2
  • reverse harem 2
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Queen Takes Venom by Joely Sue Burkhart