The Little Apartment Over the Garage


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The Little Apartment Over the Garage by MINDY BAR-HUTTON

Life is not easy. It’s sometimes complicated and often messy. But in The Little Apartment Over the Garage, life is also exhilarating and fulfilling.

Elle McDern has left behind everything—her home, her job, her best friend—to escape an abusive boyfriend. After driving all night, she stops in Lin Valley, a town where she knows no one. She has little money and no place to stay. At McDonald’s, a stranger pays for her breakfast. A policewoman takes her to a shelter for women. Elle finds work at a card and gift shop and meets Jake, the stranger who paid for her breakfast, when he comes to the shop to buy a Valentine’s Day card. She eventually moves into the little apartment over the garage on Jake’s property.

Elle doesn’t intend to stay long in Lin Valley. Battered and afraid, she wants to put more distance between herself and her dangerous ex-boyfriend. But for now, she feels safe, and slowly makes new friends:

There is Carmen, the policewoman, who, after so many disappointments, must decide if the marriage to her high school sweetheart is worth saving.

And Marilyn, who knows all the neighborhood gossip. She is the sole support of her rebellious daughter, Ivy, who is struggling to straighten out her life after some disastrous choices.

There is elderly Mr. Johnson, who discovers a new purpose in life by helping disadvantaged youth, just as someone long ago helped him.

Helen enjoys a life of comfort, and her husband is well-respected in the community. She will do anything to prevent a scandal, but at what cost to her young daughter?

Betty is forced to come to grips with a secret that she has kept for decades. She thought she was doing the right thing, but now she questions her decision. Has she hurt the person she loves most by waiting too long to reveal the truth?

And then there is Jake.

As Elle’s friendship with Jake develops and her feelings for him deepen, she puts aside her plan to leave Lin Valley. But when her abuser tracks her down, Elle’s happiness and sense of security are shattered. He begins to stalk her, occasionally at first, and then with more frequent and escalating contact. When he threatens not only her but also the those she cares about, Elle knows that she must stop him.

How far will she go to protect the people she loves?

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The Little Apartment Over the Garage by MINDY BAR-HUTTON