Royal Ascension (A Blooded novel #1)

by Amber Moors

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Royal Ascension by Amber Moors
Normal women get a mid-twenty crisis, Myst gets a previously-presumed-dead grandfather, a can’t-leave-her-behind-soon-enough father and the discovery she isn’t all that human after all crisis. Rather she is Blooded, a vampire like species at war with their cousins the Brethren. She is forced to move to the Blooded Mansion, where all Nobles and her grandfather, the king, live together.

Her new life is far from perfect, but Myst has always been a fighter. Fighting the Nobles around her is one thing, but you can’t fight your own body’s biology. Since she is expected to ascend into the Royal heir she needs to have her blooding to become completely Blooded. For the longest time it seems nothing will ever happen, and when it finally does she has to disappoint her grandfather for a whole new reason as she will not lead the Blooded but fight for them instead…

Across town the Weapons have their own mansion. It used to be filled with those ascended to Weapon status, the ultimate fighters to keep the Brethren at bay… Now Alerion is the leader of just seven males of honor. But honor only brings you so far when you are cursed by your goddess to ensure balance, when the Nobles can’t stop complaining and you just want something to change. Their ranks are dwindling, their tempers fraying and when someone else finally ascends, even if a former Noble, they are glad to gain another warrior… because the war just took a turn for the worse.

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Royal Ascension by Amber Moors