Jett's Guard: Bastards and Badges

by Andi Rhodes

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Jett's Guard: Bastards and Badges by Andi Rhodes
Being a DEA agent is all I ever wanted. Undercover work was an added bonus that gave me the excuse needed to do whatever was necessary to take down the bad guys. But when a riot breaks out in the prison I’m at, I’m torn between my mission and the pretty guard who gets caught in the crossfire.

I never dreamed that, a year later, I’d end up living next door to her, let alone helping her work through her demons. All the while trying to chase away mine. The last thing I need is a woman in my life. Two years undercover has hardened me and stripped away at my soul. But here I am, tossed into the deep end and praying we can keep each other afloat.

All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was an officer of the law. Prison guard was the job I got and I loved everything about it. That is, until the day my world shifted and I was thrown into chaos. The last person I expected to save me was the inmate I never could quite get a read on.

Trauma has a way of bringing life to a screeching halt. I shut the world out and locked myself in. That is, until I got a new neighbor. He pulled me from the darkness and I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Just when I think I’m safe and he’s chased away my demons, I’m thrown back into hell with no idea how to get out. Will I be able to let him save me for a second time?

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Jett's Guard: Bastards and Badges by Andi Rhodes