Meeting the Past

by Anne Lucy-Shanley

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Meeting the Past by Anne Lucy-Shanley
A past lover offers a safe haven—at a substantial price.

Dangerous wrong-side-of-the-tracks bad boy Jake Carter is definitely Eve Shawcross’s Mr. Wrong. She’s been playing with fire, and only after getting burnt has she learned a painful lesson—no-strings-attached sex ain’t for her, no matter how sizzling it is. Craving a real relationship with the promise of a future, Eve vows to find her Mr. Right, a man who can give her what she so desperately wants—love, marriage, and children.

Ten years later, Eve is left reeling when Mr. Right’s sordid secret life is exposed. Shattered by his bitter betrayal, she tries to pick up the pieces. When his duplicity jeopardizes her safety, survival becomes her sole focus. Just when Eve thinks she’s avoided peril, she comes face-to-face with sexy Mr. Wrong—and their complicated past.

The tables have turned. Now wealthy and powerful, Jake’s determined to tempt her back into his bed. He proposes an arrangement, but she’s thrown by the terms in his contract. The stakes are high. Knowing her traitorous body and how persuasive Jake can be, Eve isn’t sure she can play the game by his rules. Her gut cautions that all is not what it seems, but the passion she once found with him can no longer be denied.

Can Eve abide by Jake’s terms? Or will desire evolve into love?

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Meeting the Past by Anne Lucy-Shanley