Danger's Kiss (Medieval Outlaws) (Medieval Outlaws #1)

by Sarah McKerrigan, Glynnis Campbell

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Danger's Kiss (Medieval Outlaws) by Sarah McKerrigan, Glynnis Campbell
She always ran from the law. Now she'll seduce it.
A trained thief, Desirée of Canterbury can wriggle out of any tight spot with a coy smile. Until she meets her match in Nicholas Grimshaw, the most feared lawman in the shire. Ruggedly handsome and all brawn, Nicholas is the key to avenging the unjust execution of her elderly guardian. Yet the crackling passion burning between them, stoked by every stolen touch, could defeat all her plans.
Nicholas is bound to Desirée by a debt of honor-though the lush, quick-witted beauty may be the death of him yet. Unwillingly installed in his household, Desirée mischievously disrupts his well-ordered life until he doesn't know whether to kiss or kill her. But soon Nicholas must use all his wiles to save them both from a merciless enemy...and, finally, claim her merry heart.

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Danger's Kiss (Medieval Outlaws) by Sarah McKerrigan, Glynnis Campbell