My Warrior (Knights of de Ware) (Knights of de Ware #2)

by Glynnis Campbell

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My Warrior (Knights of de Ware) by Glynnis Campbell
Wealthy and powerful, the de Wares are one of the most respected noble families in England. The heirs to the de Ware legacy—Duncan, Holden, and Garth—are true warriors...and reckless lovers...

As one of the fiercest knights in King Edward's service, Holden de Ware has gained increasing favor with the king, and he's been entrusted to form an alliance with the Scots clan of Gavin, and secure the border. But treacherous forces have slain the laird of the Gavin, and Cambria, the laird's daughter and now the leader of the clan, blames Holden for her father's death...

As proud as any knight, Cambria has vowed to avenge her father and plans to fight the English herself if she cannot find a warrior who will champion her cause. Determined to stop her before she can incite even more rebellion along the border, Holden is as intoxicated by her beauty as he is challenged by her spirit. Despite all that divides them, he cannot ignore the desire that ignites at the slightest touch—she will be his, no matter the cost...

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My Warrior (Knights of de Ware) by Glynnis Campbell