The Caprian Prince

by C.S. Nuguid

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The Caprian Prince by C.S. Nuguid
Liam visits New York with his friends to get away from his dull yet demanding life as the crown Prince of Capria. He has no desire to marry for the sake of the crown. He always thought that true love is elusive. But on his last night in the city, while strolling the streets of New York to their next destination, Liam spotted Ellie behind the glass windows of a ballet studio. There she stands elegantly on her pointe position while holding on to the barre. They lock eyes and exchange a smile. They met again later that night and ended up spending more time together. Weeks had passed, and Liam returns to Capria. Will they see each other again?

It all started with a look, then a smile and ended with a kiss. Can their love story survive when Ellie's past collides with Liam's future as King of Capria? How will this love story unfold? Is love strong enough to overcome anything?

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The Caprian Prince by C.S. Nuguid