Cyborg Merman

by Amanda Milo

4.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Sep 3rd, 2020  | 

Cyborg Merman by Amanda Milo
What happens when a merman cyborg steals a human wife?

When my husband dies, leaving me a widow on the frontier planet Traxia, his best friend--a merman-turned-cyborg--decides to offer me his protection.
All I have to do is marry him.

There are good reasons to accept his offer. If I didn’t think with my heart, I’d be wise to say yes. But this cyborg is shrewd and calculating and so clinical. Plus, my husband’s body is barely cold. I just can’t do it.

When I essentially tell him to get bent, he demonstrates why the local cowboys are afraid of him. I didn’t know he possesses the ability to alter areas of my brain--and with no hesitation, he begins exploiting a way to circumvent my flat-out No to his marriage proposal.

***Note: This is a 17K Short Story Romance you can enjoy during a lunch break or two. There’s a HEA ending and no cheating.
*Trigger warning* if you’re averse to dubcon romance.

~~Note II: Formerly published as The Alien Cyborg Cowboy Steals A Wife~~

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Cyborg Merman by Amanda Milo