Still the One (Maybe I Love You #3)

by Avery Summer

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 8th, 2020  | 

Still the One by Avery Summer
Now that Savannah has come out of the closet, she and Vivian make a perfect match. Alas, the news that Savannah has a baby is revealed to Vivian in the most unceremonious way.

When the baby’s father returns for Savannah , Vivian senses something amiss. Is it really over between the couple?

Author's note: Still the One is the third and final book in Avery Summer's Maybe I Love You series, a sweet novella that will leave you craving more.

Warning: Contains adult content. 18+

Maybe I Love You series:
1. She's the One
2. Trouble Brews
3. Still the One

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  • humor 2
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Still the One by Avery Summer