Betraying Teyla: A secret child, ex-military novel (Love and Justice #2)

by Kimberly Ford

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Betraying Teyla: A secret child, ex-military novel by Kimberly Ford
It’s not every day your best friend plummets to her death right before your eyes. And the killer standing in the fifth-floor window isn’t done. Now, Teyla Adams is the only thing standing between the other woman’s daughter and the killer. Teyla needs all her wit and skills as an ex con-artist to keep them ahead of the man. But as resources run low and the killer closes in, Teyla may be forced to do the one thing she swore to never do. Enlist the aid of the jerk who turned his back on Gabby and her mom.

Max James spent eleven years rebuilding his life after his pregnant girlfriend took the bribe his father offered to make her, and the problem, go away. His four years as a medic in the Army Rangers only added to the long list of lost souls that taint his conscience. But now, he’s on the verge of completing his surgical residency. Nothing can wipe his debt clean, but he can try.

When a woman claiming to be the guardian of his child darkens his doorway, chaos follows. Can he believe a word she says? And why would a killer want his daughter dead? Nothing makes sense. But as each day passes, and doubts turn to affection and affection grows to love, Max will give up everything to keep them safe.

No matter the cost.

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Betraying Teyla: A secret child, ex-military novel by Kimberly Ford