The Pillars: A Psychic Paranormal Romance (Building the Circle #5)

by Maggie M. Lily

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The Pillars: A Psychic Paranormal Romance by Maggie M. Lily
Miranda has aimed to please others her entire life.
Growing up in a misogynistic home, she was expected to graduate college with an MRS. degree. When school was done and she remained unattached, she was manipulated into a relationship and then a marriage similar to her childhood home. Her dreams of a happier, independent life were sacrificed in exchange for her family's approval.

Her path in life was aimed toward misery... Right up until she met her sister, Matilda.

Like all the Trellis kids, Matthew strives to be a good person.
He spends his days teaching underprivileged children and his nights teaching English as a second language to new immigrants. But, when he reconnects with Miranda years after knowing her in college, he's ready, willing, and able to put his nice-guy tendencies aside to see her free of a loveless marriage.

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The Pillars: A Psychic Paranormal Romance by Maggie M. Lily