Sisters of the Garden 2: Initiation

by Dierdre Winter

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Sisters of the Garden 2: Initiation by Dierdre Winter
"Holly snuggled against her. Allowing herself to be wrapped up in her best friend’s warmth, she laid her head on her shoulder while Nora stroked her hair with fingers that still trembled with the tremors of what had just passed between them."

This stand-alone continuation of the Sisters of the Garden story follows Nora through the next stage in her journey. After a year of getting used to life with the Sisters, Nora must face change again and take the mandatory courses in preparation for her initiation into full Sisterhood.

Although her friends take the courses with her at the academy, she falls for her roommate, Holly, and they both begin to learn about themselves, about what they want, and about what they need. Through the process of change and growth, Nora wrestles with her attachment to the past and her fears for the future, but her relationship with Holly helps her through.

After the courses are done, Nora knows she will be given a role within the Sisterhood, but will it separate her from her friends and from all the connections she's made? Will she have to choose between her future and her past?

This erotic story of lust and desire, of ambition and submission, blends explicit scenes with romance, real-life concerns, character development and a fast paced plot.

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Sisters of the Garden 2: Initiation by Dierdre Winter