Too Hot to Ride

by Andrews & Austin

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Too Hot to Ride by Andrews & Austin
Hot-tempered and outspoken Rae Starr came home to the Oklahoma prairie, bought a ranch, and started a riding school with her partner who subsequently left her for another woman. Rae has a history of the things she loves leaving her, so she’s not very trusting.

Meanwhile, the ranch next door just changed hands for the fifth time, and the new owner, Jane Barrow, is a world famous cutting horse champion and industry legend who, rumor has it, won the ranch in a poker game. Jane is all glitz and charisma, in addition to being knockdown sexy in the way she moves, talks, and rides. Everywhere she goes, people flock to her.

Rae is determined not to get involved with this womanizing gambler. Jane is determined she will. But neither ever thought their relationship would become an incendiary love affair.

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Too Hot to Ride by Andrews & Austin