Against The Ropes (A May-December Romance)

by Maya Hobart

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Against The Ropes (A May-December Romance) by Maya Hobart
A May-December Romance.

Born to the gritty streets of Chicago’s Southside, Sean Callahan knew just one way of dealing with life’s hurdles: his fists. An aspiring heavyweight boxer, he devotes nearly every waking moment to the ring, determined to survive the notorious ‘Pit’ and rise through the ranks at Roan’s Gym –and, most of all, rise above his darkest, most shameful desires.

Not until the day he meets Callum, the gym’s most renowned trainer, does Sean realize his wicked desires could come in a living, breathing package: the man, nearly twice his age, was something out of his wet dreams.

Grappling not only with his sexuality but his technique, Sean manages to persuade the notoriously unfriendly trainer to take him under his wing –if not into his bed, his longing for the older man the one thing he can’t face in combat.

For Callum Doherty, the struggle to keep his hands (and mouth) off the chaste young man becomes the fight of his life. A native of Dublin’s unforgiving streets, he’d learned a thing or two about conquering demons: his craving for Sean forcing him to realize that not all demons stayed dead, in danger of stumbling on his road to redemption.

With them chasing the same dream of making him Southside Champion, will Sean and Callum let their forbidden love derail everything?

Intended for readers 18+

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Against The Ropes (A May-December Romance) by Maya Hobart