Hope in the Moonlight: A Steamy Shifter Romance (Shifters of Morwood #2)

by Charlene Perry

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Hope in the Moonlight: A Steamy Shifter Romance by Charlene Perry

She’s a symbol of hope to her people. He’s an accomplished Elite. When darkness threatens those she loves, can she find a new future in his arms?

My name is Hope.

I’m the first natural-born Shifter; proof that my people can live and love, free of human control. The Meadow is my home. Keeping it safe is all that matters. I’d do anything for my people, even if that means taking a mate I didn’t choose. If it’s best for the Meadow, how could I refuse?

But there’s something they don’t know. A darkness crawls beneath my skin. I can’t let them see it. I can’t let it hurt the people I love. What if the best thing for the Meadow is for me to leave?

Gideon can help me find a safe place to stay until I figure things out. It doesn’t matter that I can’t take my eyes off him. It doesn’t matter that he kisses like a daydream come to life. He’s a human, and I’m a Shifter… but I’m starting to forget why that matters.

I can see he has dark secrets of his own, and maybe I’m the one who can heal him.

I’m one of the top Elites, patrolling the skies on the back of my dragon Shifter. At least I was, until personal loss left me broken and my Shifter defected to join his own kind.

Balancing my career with the need to protect those who deserve my loyalty isn’t easy, and it’s nearly impossible when the dangerously tempting Hope becomes my responsibility. The sins of my past have left me with wounds that may never heal, but she makes me feel alive again.

Hope needs me. Her people need me. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means I’m not here to see how it ends.

Hope and Gideon share a common goal: protect the Meadow at all costs. Their ideas for how to accomplish that goal are as different as they are. As Hope’s true nature reveals itself, she must learn to let go of her fear and embrace the darkness. Gideon knows that finding a peaceful balance may never be possible, and he might be the only one capable of tipping the scales for good. Their only chance lies in embracing their imperfect destinies and learning the true meaning of sacrifice.

*This story contains mature themes and situations. It is intended for an adult audience. Enjoy :)

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Hope in the Moonlight: A Steamy Shifter Romance by Charlene Perry