Darkest Deeds: Tales of the Timeless

by Lori Aisling

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Darkest Deeds: Tales of the Timeless by Lori Aisling
“My life was planned to the last bloody detail. Then everything changed. I went to Hell.”

A bullet to the head ended Arianna's murderous killing spree, but the afterlife isn't what she envisioned. Lucifer claims her dark soul and grants her luxuries she never had in life: acceptance, unbridled lust, and encouragement to act on her brutal instincts.

However, her undeniable draw to Jeremiel, the archangel of Hope, can’t be fought and a glimmer of pure light hidden deep within her begins to shine and she craves the honest and devoted love that beckons.

An angel of Heaven covets her purity, and the King of Hell owns her sinister soul. Neither is willing to surrender their claim.

Can Arianna embrace the eternal bond offered by her angel and shed her evil past, or will she live forever in Hell ruled by her darkest deeds?

This is a standalone novel with a ‘happily ever after’. This book includes characters from Death’s Widow, the first of the Tales of the Timeless books and contains slight spoilers for that novel, but will in no way ruin your experience for either book.

Adult content-- 18+ due to graphic violence and sexual situations.

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Darkest Deeds: Tales of the Timeless by Lori Aisling