Rock My World

by Mia Ford

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Rock My World by Mia Ford
Addison’s the one who got away.
Scared off by my rockstar life… and her friend’s lies.
Now it’s time to make her my world.

You can split my life in two.

College days and Addison in my arms.
Baby blue eyes, sweet tempting lips.
Knowing we’ll be together no matter what.

And after:
Sell-out gigs with screaming fans.
Women throwing themselves at me at the stage door.
I pose for the selfies and sign the merch, but that’s all they get.
There’s only one woman on my mind – and she’s not my biggest fan!

Six years is a long time to be single.
And six years of touring gets old.
Time to find Addison, even if I don’t play by the rules.

Tell her the truth – music is my past.
Her love, our family, is my future.

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Rock My World by Mia Ford