Frost Fae: A Fae court Fantasy Romance (Dark Fae Kings #2)

by Meg Xuemei X.

4.33 · 6 ratings · Published: Sep 18th, 2020  | 

Frost Fae: A Fae court Fantasy Romance by Meg Xuemei X.
A Fae court Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

"I'll ravish you for hours. Days. I won't ever stop." That's the Fae Kings' ritual of courting and claiming. Sorry I asked.

The three Fae kings insist I'm their fated mate, and they're terrible at sharing.

I know I should turn my back on them before they ruin me.

They're too ruthless, feral, possessive, and well, too hot for me to feel safe.

A girl would have a better chance of swimming with sharks than walking among the predatory Fae, let alone tangling with them between the sheets.

But did I adhere to my own advice?

And now my unbridled lust complicates everything, leading me right into the Dawn Queen's trap. To claim the kings for herself, the viper thrusts me into the Wild Hunt.

There's only one way out of the deadly game--unleash the terrible, forbidden magic in me, jump off the cliff, and hope my mates catch me.

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  • demons 2
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Frost Fae: A Fae court Fantasy Romance by Meg Xuemei X.