Revenge: Is it Real or Fake?

by Kenyetta Dunlap

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Revenge: Is it Real or Fake? by Kenyetta Dunlap
Life for Atlanta's 'Gossip Girl" magazine owner Rene' has been turned upside down after her assistant Keeta committed suicide. After trying to run her company without an assistant Rene' decided to have open interviews for a new one and that's the day she met Rhonda. Rhonda was a fast talking queen from New York and she made her presence known in any room because she was very beautiful and loud with body built to perfection. Rhonda is the perfect fit for the job but is she Real? Or is she fake?Just when Rene' started to get her company back to normal with less stress her best friend Cynthia was found stabbed to death in her home. Rene' is convinced that Cynthia's fianc� Kyle is responsible for her murder because he was very abusive and he kept a short temper when it came to her. The only person Rene' could trust after the fatal murder of her best friend was her husband Lamar. Lamar is the perfect husband and provider. He owns his own plastic surgery practice that serves all high end clientele and celebrities. He has been with Rene' since college and there love is strong. He does everything to make her happy, but a true test of his loyalty will show Rene' what their marriage is built on. Real or Fake?Long time drug dealer Kyle is afraid of his past catching up to him after the murder of his fianc� Cynthia. His dark past of drugs and deception has come to haunt him and he is running out of time to face the past before everyone around him has to lose their lives because of his choices. The questions is: Did he finally give Cynthia that fatal beating that took her life? Or can he clear his name to prove his innocence?

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Revenge: Is it Real or Fake? by Kenyetta Dunlap