Love Combined (Volkoff Pack #3)

by S.R. Roddy

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Love Combined by S.R. Roddy
Love Combined encompasses two stories, two struggles. A story where the past and present collide to mold the future. Sometimes, you must traverse the past to understand the present and conquer the future.

Love Begins, takes place in the 1700s. Latania is a young mage with extraordinary powers. Her only wish in life is to find her one true mate. Gregor is a lonely werewolf who is struggling with the loss of his parents, along with other members of his pack. A forbidden spell brings them together, but life and love is a struggle that neither of them expected.

A Present Day Love is a segue from book two in the series, Love’s Forbidden Embrace. After facing the council, Mira and Nia accept a new assignment that sends them overseas. While danger lurks at every turn, the biggest struggle of all takes place between Mira’s heart and mind as she decides where she truly belongs.

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Love Combined by S.R. Roddy