Dark Flames (A Bite Lurker Novels #1)

by Patricia Hoving

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 16th, 2020  | 

Dark Flames by Patricia Hoving
Brazen loves the makeshift family that he’s put together. It’s a necessary distraction from the heartbreak of loving his fated mate. But you don’t have to search for love for it to find you.

Cassara never expected her slayer senses to be going off at a kid’s birthday party. It didn’t take long to source out that father of the year was a bite lurker. However, she’d never guess that she wouldn’t be able to kill him when the time came.

Cassara and Brazen will find themselves needing each other if they want the rash of child abductions to cease. Elara, Brazen’s former wife, would never miss an opportunity to stick it to the woman whose shadow she’s always lived under. Yet, there is no happy ending for anyone if the truth is revealed. Cassara and Brazen are fated mates, and he wants nothing to do with her.

Ultimately, to save lives, Brazen will need to choose between love and family.

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Dark Flames by Patricia Hoving