My Love, Disappear (The Brutal Truth #2)

by Ana Dylott

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My Love, Disappear by Ana Dylott
Michael ... Oh... Michael...
What if you met the person who was perfect for you, but were in love with somebody else?

Michael is a university student who lives his life by routine, but faces lonely night. In his world, it is all about studying and working part-time. When he is looking for a new place to live, he runs into the beautiful student Angel, who is everything he is not. She is the messy, fiery, argumentative and stunningly beautiful girl he didn’t know he was missing.

Both Michael and Angel travelled over 9000 kilometres only to chance upon each other on the street of London.
When the dolly Angel convinces him to move in together after meeting for five minutes, his world changes forever.

Soon, Michael finds the hole in his heart is filled with spending time with Angel, and soon finds himself falling in love with her. He aches to tell her how he feels, but she’s reeling from a bad breakup.

Will Michael have the courage to admit his feelings to her or will he stand by as she falls
for all the wrong guys?
Will this pair of clashed personalities blossom a love story?||

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My Love, Disappear by Ana Dylott