Black Kitten

by Melissa Sweeney

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Black Kitten by Melissa Sweeney
Vincenzo, a prominent man in New York's mafia scene, has become the proprietor of several well-known speakeasies throughout the state, including Black Kitten, a popular gay bar in Harlem. Here, he meets his girlfriend, Sylvia Belmonte, a girl who he'd drop everything for, even his own Family name. But can he fully open up to her? Can he tell her that he, too, is transgender?

Sylvia, when she isn't panicking about the infinite possibilities of what might happen in her melancholic life, plays piano at the Black Kitten. Her biggest dream is to find a man to love her for her, but with her track record, she thought it'd be impossible. Then Vincenzo DiFiore walked into her bar, and now she has two things she thought she'd never have: a man, and optimism for a better future.

The two are now trying to stay together while their prejudicial worlds refuse to accept their love.

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Black Kitten by Melissa Sweeney