Captivated By The Plug 3

by Taniece

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Captivated By The Plug 3 by Taniece
After Aries’s secret gets out, she’s left to try and piece back together her life. She feels as if everything isn’t fixable, especially now her little brother, Andre is gone. As if she hadn’t learned her lesson from keeping secrets, she still has one more skeleton in the closet. Will her final secret be the answer to all her problems?
Hezekiah has even more problems on his plate dealing with an eager Isabella. She puts him in a situation he might not be able to get out of, leaving him having to fight for Aries’s love. Can the two be able to stick it out or does Isabella finally get what she wants—him?
With Darrius back in the picture, Indigo is confused as to what she needs to do next and he’s not helping the situation any. Her love for Jawuan is put to the test. Will she be able to pass or does her love for Darrius have a stronger hold on her than she thought it did?

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Captivated By The Plug 3 by Taniece