Honor of a Hunter (The Seekers #6)

by Sylvie Kurtz

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 21st, 2020  | 

Honor of a Hunter by Sylvie Kurtz
For The Girl Who Had Everything, He Was The One Thing She Couldn't Buy

Noah was a full-blooded kind of challenge every woman dreamed of taking on. He was the best agent available, but he wasn't for sale. Not even to heiress Faith Byrne, who was used to getting her own way.

But when a stalker's obsession grew to dangerous levels, Noah answered the call of duty - and once this Seeker took a job, he didn't bother playing by the rules. Soon Faith's high cost of living raised the stakes to uncontrollable heights, and Noah found himself in a game in which anything - and everything - was fair play.

'Honor of a Hunter' is tagged as:

  • mystery 2
  • suspense 2
  • contemporary 2
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Honor of a Hunter by Sylvie Kurtz