Finding Lia (Dragons MC #6)

by Rosa Mink

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Finding Lia by Rosa Mink
Fall in love with the men of the Dragons MC in this new series. Each book can be read alone, but their stories like their lives are all connected. You’ll find updates on characters you’ve already met in this series, including the girls from the Curvy Girls Series and their men.

My life is pure hell. Every day my stepbrother and stepmother force me to do things I hate. I can’t last much longer with them, not with the way things are going. I did the only thing she could think of earlier this year, I wrote a letter to my brother John to let him know who’s responsible if I turn up dead. Not that I really know him. He was my age, nineteen, already in the military when I was born, and I’ve only met him a once, at our mom’s funeral when I was eight.

Honestly, I didn’t expect him to care, and I certainly never expected the man that came storming through the door, kidnapping me to be there on his behalf. He’s breathtaking and terrifying, fearless and resourceful, and most amazingly, a Dragon who doesn’t hate me. He should, considering who my stepbrother is, but for the first time since my dad died, I feel safe, I feel loved. I can’t give that up, so I guess I’ll just have to show this Dragon that an older man is just what I need.

I never knew what a family truly was until I met my brothers. Yeah, I had brothers in the military, but not like these guys. This family is one that doesn’t quit when you’re out, they’re there for you with everything. I know better than most. The Dragons saved me from the bottle I was chasing trying to forget the things I did in the military. I’d taken more lives than I could count, and the darkness was tearing me apart, until my brothers showed me the good it’d done.

When one of my old buddies walked into my place, needing my help to find his sister, I knew exactly where to go for help. Finding Lia wasn’t that difficult. Finding myself drawn to her didn’t even scare me. I know she’s mine, even if she is too young to be mine. Finding her attraction to me is just as strong…how can a guy resist what he wants most in the world? I can’t and she’s mine. Finding out she can help us end the Black Ice for good, has me promising to keep her safe for the rest of our lives, no matter what it takes. It’s time to make my princess a true part of the family, a real Dragon, forever.

Finding Lia Hope is Book 6 in the Dragons MC Series. *22,250 words* If you’re looking for a quick read with alpha men, curvy girls, strong language, no cheating, and HEAs, you’ve found the right book. It's intended for an adult audience and may include subjects that are sensitive to some readers.

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Finding Lia by Rosa Mink