Lost In Linc: Caine & Graco Saga

by E.M. Shue

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Lost In Linc: Caine & Graco Saga by E.M. Shue
From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes a sexy new story from the Hot & Steamy Caine & Graco Saga.

Passion or Torment?

A weekend of no-strings-attached sex, that’s the rule. No last names, no commitment. But Linc changes the game when he makes love to Rylee. Losing her heart isn’t part of the plan. She had an itch to scratch, and he fit the bill. Now Rylee is running away in the night, taking a piece of him with her.

Linc has issues with trust, thanks to his deceitful ex-wife. Waking up to an empty bed and no Rylee to be found does a number on his heart, but he can’t shake the thought of her from his mind. She could be the one. When a chance meeting brings them together again, Linc plans to hold on to her tighter, not letting her out of his sight.

Their happy reunion is short-lived when both are faced with their pasts. It’s a matter of life or death, and someone is bound to lose. Can Linc and Rylee find passion through the ruins? Or will the torments of their pasts cause them to lose out on a future together?

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Lost In Linc: Caine & Graco Saga by E.M. Shue