I Knew You Were Trouble (Troublemaker #1)

by Cassie Mae

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 22nd, 2020  | 

I Knew You Were Trouble by Cassie Mae
All I want to do is fall in love.

I’ve heard it’s great. Lots of kissing and cuddling, and the whole “my lover is my best friend!” deal sounds right up my alley.

Only problem is the guy I want to fall in love with is 100% bad boy, and I’m a goody-two-shoes with her daddy’s Amex. Luckily, I’ve got a tattooed motorcycle-riding slacker co-worker willing to teach me all about being bad.

My instincts say the whole deal will be nothing but trouble, but my heart says it’s time to fall and fall hard.

I Knew You Were Trouble is the first in a classic Cassie Mae quirk series, with as many awkward moments as there are sweet ones.

Hold on tight for this modern twist on Grease! Candace and Pete will have you laughing and sighing in the same breath.

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I Knew You Were Trouble by Cassie Mae