Ghost Economy

by Millard Crow

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Ghost Economy by Millard Crow
Reese is a drifter in the small town of Dundolk. He doesn't know what day of the week it is. All of the energy in his delicate anatomy is spent crafting the underground virtual puppet show, SKELEVENTURE. It seems nothing can steal him away from his work-until the coffee shop boy, Jalen, flirts with him.

After the coffee shop closes, Jalen edits video for a local wrestling promotion. Like Reese, he loses himself in his own colorful, niche fantasy world. Physical attraction brings them face to face, but it's the shared love of their medium that binds them together.

Their romance is sweet and hot, but a new presence in Dundolk threatens to sour it. A monster from Reese's past stalks the lovers: it's on their dates, it's at their jobs, it's in their bedrooms, and it's not afraid to spill a little blood. The line between fantasy and reality blurs around them and threatens to expose the secrets sweethearts keep.

Millard Crow's Ghost Economy examines the space where queer art clashes against heteronormative systems, and challenges their compatibility. Crow's heroes face down paranormal and socioeconomic threats simultaneously, for in this romantic-horror, they are one and the same.

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Ghost Economy by Millard Crow