Southern Charm (The Heartland #1)

by Shaunna Rodriguez, Vibrant Designs

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Southern Charm by Shaunna Rodriguez, Vibrant Designs
Try as she may, Southern Belle, Addison Shepherd continues to find herself caught in love triangles whether they're her own or her friends. Welcome to Sugarland, located in the Heartland, folks. Enjoy the Southern hospitality, Southern Belles, Southern Charm and food as well as the Southern heat, in and out of the bedroom. Bless your hearts; make your coffee strong.... you're going to need it. Prepare yourself for sex, murder, buried secrets, romance, broken hearts, twists of fate and a handful of beautiful liars.Everything tastes a little sweeter and looks a hell of a lot sexier in Sugarland. It's the land of Levi's & pies, sugar and Chanel. Sugarlands own sweetie pie, Addison Shepherd is back from several secret endeavors she pursued in New York whilst obtaining her degree in both business and psychology. After four years of flying back and forth, she's home for good. Everyone is all grown up and getting married, having affairs and still burying more secrets than the Sugarland Cemetery has grave diggers for.There's just a few more teensy weensy, psh small details that definitely spell doom, despair and broken hearts for a few of Sugarland's finest residents.....

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Southern Charm by Shaunna Rodriguez, Vibrant Designs