The Boy In The Yellow Wellies

by Leigh Fenty

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The Boy In The Yellow Wellies by Leigh Fenty
John O’Leary, single father, Irish American, and genius in the NSA’s cyber security department, was a contented man. He was successful, respected, and vigorously set in his ways. The unexpected was not welcome in John’s reality.

When a devastating head injury dismantles the rigid existence he spent thirty years building, he’s left with his superior genius intact, but finds his personal history has been erased. He now faces an uncertain future as a man without a past.
As his body mends, John struggles to cope in a world full of strangers. While he struggles to rebuild a relationship with his daughter and rekindle a romance with a woman he can’t remember, the Agency pressures him to return to his job.

Each day introduces a new stranger into his life, or a new challenge to be solved. As a structured man who lives inside the boundaries of logic, can John quiet his mind and listen with his heart? And in doing so, will he find his true path?

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The Boy In The Yellow Wellies by Leigh Fenty