Country Proposal: A Sweet Romance (Millars Crossing #3)

by Carolyne Aarsen

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Country Proposal: A Sweet Romance by Carolyne Aarsen

Two broken strangers on a ranch; painting a picture of second chance... 

Struggling artist, Etta Caprice learned the hard way that passion and art don’t always mix. She’s poured herself into putting together a portfolio for a position at a university, and after a relationship gone wrong she can’t seem to find the inspiration. 

Until a house fire forces her to move to a small cabin on the Sutton ranch where Finn was living. The gruff and gorgeous cowboy just might be the muse she was missing. 

Rugged rancher, Finn Sutton was busy running a ranch, and had very little time for love. He’d tried that once before— it didn’t end well, leaving him with trust issues and a calloused heart. 

When the witty and beautiful Etta winds up on his ranch, he finds his heart softening. Finn goes out of his way to put a smile on her face, and the more time they spend together, the more her guard lowers... and the harder he falls for the woman who helped mend his heart.

With each laugh, he unlocks something in her and layer by layer she finds herself feeling lighter— more carefree. And it reflects in her work. 

The connection they feel is unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. With happy ever after on the horizon, will Etta and Finn finally be able to bury the past, and look to a future together?

Country Proposal is the third book in the Millars Crossing romance series. If you like heartfelt explorations of hope, picturesque rural settings, and emotional journeys, then you’ll adore Carolyne Aarsen’s latest sweet love story.

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Country Proposal: A Sweet Romance by Carolyne Aarsen