Liberty (Keeping Liberty)

by Delilah Mohan

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Liberty (Keeping Liberty) by Delilah Mohan
Three facts I’ve learned over the last twenty-four hours:
1. There is always a catch when inheriting a property from a long lost relative.
2. Mixing cat food into the perfect paste will trigger even the strongest gag reflexes.
3. Vampires are real.

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not crazy. Yesterday, I woke up just an artist. Today, I have a harem of hot males trailing behind me with protective instinct that would rival the CIAs. Males? I mean vampires. Hot, sulky, stubborn, sarcastic vampires to be precise. It seems like every woman’s dream, right? But, I can’t even enjoy it. I’m being hunted by an ancient witch with a bloodline vendetta who would like nothing more than to see me dead. Our only option? To kill her first.

**Liberty is book one in the Keeping Liberty Series and a why choose/reverse harem book. It contains language and situations suitable for 18+. Current or future books in this series contain M/M, inappropriate humor and language, and/or a cliffhanger. **

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Liberty (Keeping Liberty) by Delilah Mohan