Cold As Ice (Love, Ice Hockey, and Other Games #7)

by Tamara Clarke

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Cold As Ice by Tamara Clarke
Alexis isn't what you'd call a warm and fuzzy kind of person. An Ice Princess, that's the label she's had almost her entire life. It doesn't bother her, until the day she meets someone who sees past all of her icy exterior, a man she never could have seen herself falling for: a hockey player.

Jared Marshall has been a player for years, on and off the ice, but he's tired. His body can't take the nightly beatings on the ice for much longer, but it doesn't matter much when he meets Alexis, a woman so hot under her calm exterior that he can't wait to lose himself in her fire.

But life has other plans, and they might not make it past their first date if they let assumptions and misunderstandings keep them apart.


Welcome to the world of Major League Hockey. Join the men and women who love the game as they meet, fall in love, and play a whole lot of hockey!

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Cold As Ice by Tamara Clarke