The Biker and the Baker (Oil and Water #4)

by S. Ann Cole

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The Biker and the Baker by S. Ann Cole
Owen “Onyx” Walsh tried to stop me from being great.
Pity he didn’t know I'm more determined than a bull.

He’s a dream-blocking jerk and I can’t stand his stupid freckled face. We despise each other, that much is clear. That’s why I’m spun confused when he starts looking at me like he doesn’t.

I’m not a size two with a tiny waist, nor do I have bright blue eyes or perky tits—you know, the type he loves hanging around—so why does he want to be around me all of a sudden?
Oh, right, because I tried to be nice to him once and made the mistake of fibbing to my family that he’s my boyfriend. Now he’s like a plague I can’t get rid of—not that I’ve been trying too hard.

I tried to stop him from winning my heart.
Pity I didn’t know he's more determined than a starving lion.

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The Biker and the Baker by S. Ann Cole