Balanced in Love (Written in the Stars #9)

by Jennifer Woodhull

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Balanced in Love by Jennifer Woodhull

Sometimes, I feel like I spend my whole life trying to keep the peace. As a court clerk, I keep everyone in line. There are rules to be followed, after all... still, sometimes it feels like the rules are just meant to be broken.

I should know better. Look where rule-breaking has gotten me.

Now, it’s the peace between my brother and his business partner I find the hardest to broker. If only I hadn’t broken the rule about sleeping with my brother’s best friend. Maybe their partnership wouldn't be in jeopardy.

Now, I’ve got to find a way to help them put the past behind them. If they don’t, everything they worked so hard to build will go down in flames. I can’t give in to temptation again, no matter how I feel. The way Ethan has been looking at me, though, resisting his charms is going to be easier said than done.

I keep trying to find the equilibrium that will keep my life on track.

When it comes to love, maybe there’s no such thing as balance.

★★★★★Balanced in Love releases September 24, 2020 and is book 9 of the Written in the Stars Series. Join us on Facebook to stay up to date as our 12 authors interpret each of the 12 zodiac signs to answer the question: Does your horoscope decide your fate? ★★★★★

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Balanced in Love by Jennifer Woodhull