Bites and Bows

by Lia Violet

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 24th, 2020  | 

Bites and Bows by Lia Violet
Lisa and Linda didn't mean to change international shifter relations forever during the Halloween conference.

Jared is ready to show everyone why vampires need to be respected, even broke ones, and no fluffy Cupid will distract him, even with her impressive financial presentation.

Linda is tired of guys who don't see beyond her looks and family connections. No way will she ever have a shifter for a mate, especially ones who can't even see that someone is taking over their royal family finances and who try to mesmerize her with their brooding gazes.

Josiah is looking forward to exploring the nightlife while his twin stresses over the conference. When a cute Cupid saves him from being drugged and kidnapped, the trip suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

Lisa's archery skills aren't just for making matches, and while saving a spoiled vampire prince wasn't on her agenda, she was glad she could help, though she isn't sure what Josiah means by royal destiny.

The Cupids take over Halloween in this sexy, funny book of intertwined fated mates stories.

'Bites and Bows' is tagged as:

  • humor 2
  • shapeshifters 2
  • fantasy 2
  • vampires 2
  • paranormal 2
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Bites and Bows by Lia Violet