The Mist in the Valleys (Claudia #4)

by Martin Morton

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 24th, 2020  | 

The Mist in the Valleys by Martin Morton

Claudia's life with Peter evolves into a happy partnership but divorce threatens to tear his business empire apart. They suspect a malign and mysterious influence is at work.
Tania, now running one of Peter's groups, discovers more about how her uncle operates in the dark hinterland of businesses and how his influence, so helpful for Claudia earlier, is sometimes put to evil purpose. Tania explores his business methods and, on the rebound from Andy, lets herself experience a more exotic life.
Jack is now in line for the top job in his corporation, the earlier plan to sideline him having failed. He and Lavinia, who had exposed the plot to him, become closer and more intense.
But as Tania slowly sees connections between the issues in the businesses, tensions creep into all the relationships, and feelings threaten to block their resolution and destroy new partnerships.

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The Mist in the Valleys by Martin Morton