Booked for Love (Catalina Dreams #3)

by I.M. Flippy

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Booked for Love by I.M. Flippy
It’s time for Rae Bell!

As the proprietor of Gus’s Books, Gus has a lot of famous authors come for book signings.

But he’s never had such a huge crush on a visiting author before.

Because Rae Bell is special.

As an award winning author, LGBT activist, and self-identified nonbinary man, Rae Bell is an icon, besides being gorgeous and witty.

Rae never stops moving, partying, or traveling the world. But Rae’s go-go-go lifestyle has started to catch up to him.

Meanwhile, Gus is a stressed out introvert who just wants to get through this Rae Bell book signing without making a total fool of himself.

But when Rae’s publicist demands he take a well-earned vacation before he drops dead of exhaustion and tasks Gus with looking after him, Gus has to learn how to hide his feelings from this long time crush.

They say never to meet your just might fall in love with them.

Welcome to Catalina Island.

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Booked for Love by I.M. Flippy