Faeted Faeker: A Fairy Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Fae Prison Trilogy #1)

by Piper Maki

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Faeted Faeker: A Fairy Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy by Piper Maki
Welcome to Ynys Gwales, home to hundreds of imprisoned Fae and one human just trying to survive.

After spending my entire life thinking I was just a normal spoiled rich girl, finding out that I’m so much more really freaking sucks.

In my second year of college, I’m in a sorority I love, with friends I adore. Well, okay, we’re mostly fake about our relationships, but hey, they get me. We understand the difficulties of being the poor little rich girl who has to make those hard decisions, like which Prada bag goes with those amazing Jimmy Choos. And with too many guys to choose from, life is good.

Until it isn’t.

After a really bad night of sex, I find out I’m an Oracle. Foreseer of the future. Super rare, one born every thousand years.

It might be cool, if it wasn’t a death sentence.

To keep me safe, I'm sent to Ynys Gwales, an island heavily guarded by magic. Problem is, the island is a prison, home to the worst of the Fae, those who committed such horrible crimes that even their fellow magical beings can’t deal with them.

And to make matters worse, my cell mates are four of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen… or even imagined. But they won't even look at me, because I remind them of everything they’ve lost and everything they can never have. The Fae despise humans, and I’m about to pay the price for all mankind.

My life just went from a fairytale to a fairy nightmare.

If you love stories about enemies-to-lovers, snarky heroines, and everything Fae, you'll adore the Fae Prison series! This is a New Adult novel with mature themes. Recommended for ages 17+

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Faeted Faeker: A Fairy Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy by Piper Maki