Southern Rapture (The Enchantment Novella #1)

by Katie L. Tyler, Bryanna Gonzalez

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Southern Rapture by Katie L. Tyler, Bryanna Gonzalez
Life takes twists that no one sees coming; it's inevitable. The key to coping with that is knowing you are the only person who turns the knob.

Pricilla left her small town after graduation and hasn’t looked back since. She has a perfect life, perfect boyfriend but most importantly, she has some not so perfect scars. In a desperate need of a break, Cilla goes home to visit her best friend, Allie. The only downfall is while she's in search of the answers regarding her future, she begins indiscreetly digging in the past.

Some untold secrets create a chain of events that cannot be escaped, no matter the time that has elapsed. Colton, being Allie's brother, is nothing short of the perfect man, but he happens to be hiding the biggest heartbreak of all. Tall, dark and constantly brooding, it's easy to understand his pain, but when Colton decides to take a leap of fate and opens up his heart one last time to the only girl he's ever cared about, he seeks revenge on feeling everything he's ever lost all over again

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Southern Rapture by Katie L. Tyler, Bryanna Gonzalez