Sundae Funday: A Curvy Woman Romance (Just Desserts #4)

by C.L. Cruz

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Sundae Funday: A Curvy Woman Romance by C.L. Cruz
Sundae Funday is a short, sweet, and steamy romance book featuring a strong, independent heroine and the man who wins her heart after it's already been broken before. Sundae Funday is the 4th in the series but can be read as a standalone with a HEA and no cliffhangers!

Sixteen years ago, everyone told me to steer clear of my ex, but I didn’t listen.
Now, I’m back—with a divorce, a kid, and a dream for the local ice cream shop.
Imagine my surprise when my first customer is an old friend who’s all grown up.
Luca Ortiz is everything my ex wasn’t—funny, sexy, and attentive.
The fact that he has six-pack abs is just the cherry on top.
Have my tastes changed enough to give love a second chance?

I’ve never had much success in love.
As a nice guy, I’ve always finished last, but I’m still running the race.
Everything seems to fall into place, though, when Ines Cantero comes back to town.
She’s kind-hearted, curvy, and her smile still makes me melt.
But she’s been hurt in the years since I saw her last.
Now I get to show her how a real man treats the woman of his dreams.

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Sundae Funday: A Curvy Woman Romance by C.L. Cruz