Seducing The Guy Next Door (A Perfect Match #1)

by Anna Joung

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Seducing The Guy Next Door by Anna Joung
An Instalove Friends to Lovers Curvy Woman Romance


How could I forget the gawky kid from high school?
He was my best friend from the moment we met. We had this unexplainable connection.
Then I moved away.
Coming back to my hometown was the best decision I ever made. I have my dream house with an easy commute to work.
Until my neighbors started making all that noise. Why won’t they stop shouting?
But then, one day the shouting stops. And it’s just him.
Lucas, that gawky kid from high school, who was no longer gawky … and no longer a kid.
A man like that can’t be interested in someone like me, can he?
But when he shows up asking for a cup of sugar on my doorstep, I know there is no point resisting.


Ever since she helped me up to my doorstep, I knew she had to be mine.
I knew that I shouldn’t throw myself into a relationship after such a hard break-up.
Lexie treated me like dirt, more interested in her virtual followers than her real-life fiancé.
I’m not sure whether I’m ready to open up to her, not after all the pain I’ve been through.
But then, it so happens I run out of sugar, and who better to ask than my stunning next-door neighbor?
All I know is that this time around, I’ll make sure we’re more than just friends.

A PERFECT MATCH is a series of short, sweet, and steamy romances about curvy women finding love and adventure with the guy next door. No cheating. No cliffhangers.

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Seducing The Guy Next Door by Anna Joung