His Curvy Captive (Alphas Love Curves #1)

by Bianca Laurent

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 26th, 2020  | 

His Curvy Captive by Bianca Laurent
Secret Agent Simon Marchant’s mission is to protect the world from a deadly virus, but a gun shot wound, and a deliciously curvy distraction, complicate things....

Simon Marchant, CIA Agent

"After a bullet to the shoulder and betrayal at the highest levels of international proportions, I have no choice but to take a curvy woman as my captive. Her name is Cate and I must protect her, at all costs. I don’t care what it takes – I’ll risk everything to stop the madmen threatening to infect the world with a deadly virus that will unleash a terrifying global pandemic. To stop them, I need to safeguard her, and, the only cure for the virus. Before I can satisfy my every desire with Cate, we have to outsmart the Russian mob, Chinese spies, and traitors within the CIA. The safety of the world is at stake, but all I can think about is Cate and her luscious curves."

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His Curvy Captive by Bianca Laurent